Tim, 22, college graduate with a major in Collision Repair. I work on cars for a living. proud owner of a 02 6th gen Accord. Fall out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, Breaking Benjamin, Silverstein and Augustana are just some of the artists I like. I try to watch and keep up with Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead to name a couple. I don't blog anything specific really.
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FUN STORY: my grandma lives in a city that was currently taken over by drug dealers and gangs and it’s now divided in two and my grandma is the oNLY CITIZEN IN THE WHOLE CITY who can go walking freely through both sides of the town because she used to do community work and feed the poor kids and those gang members were all fed by her so they let her come and go as she wants SO WHAT WE LEARN TODAY IS TO BE FUCKING NICE TO KIDS BC U MIGHT BE DEALING W FUTURE GANG MEMBERS

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okay today i learned that apparently the penis has a say in whether or not a child will be a boy or a girl

female sperm swims slower than male sperm, but the males can’t swim for as long as the females. this means that a long penis will be closer to the egg when releasing the sperm, and there will be a higher chance for the child to be a boy.

so in conclusion

if you have a lot of sons you have a big dick